We Are Mobile Squad

Apple Tablet Repairs Services

  • Your iPad has broken down, we can help.

  • We can repair smashed or cracked screen, faulty charging ports, damaged home buttons, microphones, speakers and most other things in between.

  • Visit our store for an immediate diagnosis and personalized quote.

  • All walk-in repairs come with a lifetime warranty on our parts and labour.

  • We are also providing Android Tablet Repairing Service.

Mobile Squad

Repair Services

Screen Replacement

The touch screen of your tablet is broken or cracked ? We perform the replacement of the room in less than 60 minutes.

Software Update

Your tablet or iPad undergoes slowness ? Bugs repeatedly ? We update your device software to correct these problems.

Charge & Battery

The battery in your tablet or iPad abnormally fast discharge ? Reloading is not adjusted optimally ? We Repair or Replace Your Device’s Battery.

Home Button

The Home button on your iPad is not responding? We perform the replacement of the part.

Other Repairs

For any other problem on your tablet or iPad (Defective Speaker, Charge connector damaged, etc), We are at your disposal for immediate diagnosis and Personalised estimate Repairs.